Situating a Sunroom -- Tips for Better Use

Over 500,000 homeowners add sunrooms each year to their homes. They regularly choose a light-filled space rather than a traditional addition. If you want a sunroom, you need to make a few decisions about placement and how you want it to function within the flow of your home.

  • Look at the orientation of the yard in relation to your proposed site-you want to ensure a good view that is unobstructed by large trees or shrubbery.
  • Have a good understanding as to where the room will be attached to the rest of the home and how it will affect the look and feel of that area.
  • Will the sunroom be accessible? Will you be blocking any other rooms with this proposed site?
  • Does your local building code have a set-back requirement that will interfere with your proposed site?
  • When designing the sunroom, take the architectural style and design of your home into consideration and match the sunroom to that particular style-a sunroom can be an architecturally creative addition if thoughtfully executed.
  • Building a sunroom addition requires a totally different method of construction-hire a professional who has specific experience building sunrooms.


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